Tyler Gobble’s End of the Year List SUP

21 Dec

Ten Favorite Journals Of The Year (no order okay): iO Poetry; Jellyfish; Everyday Genius; Forklift, Ohio; NAP; PANK; The Collagist; Diagram; Sixth Finch; Hobart.

Readings as happenings, where I’ve been, like the two Vouched series, anything at Alabama, Big Big Mess in Akron, Solar Anus in ATL, and the Heavy Feather Review’s series around Ohio, where I yearn to be, like 851 The Squat and Three Tents.

Readers as happeners, Matt Hart channeling the true spirit of the !, Mike Bushnell as an audible pulse, Heather Christle’s beautiful bubble, Ben Hersey’s bewildering bewilderment, Katy Gunn being a firework, Matt Bell as speakerbox for his glorious words, Scott McClanahan as Scott McClanahan Loud and Clear, Alexis Pope/Joshua Kleinberg/Nick Sturm/Mike Krutel opening for metal bands in a basement.

“from Northern Lights (The Fire Sermon)” by Andrew Hughes at NOÖ Weekly


The beautiful, varied hunk of content at The Volta

Stories on backs at Safety Pin Review

Volume 1s: The Collected Works, Vol. 1, by Scott McClanahan and Fjords Vol. 1 by Zachary Schomburg

Jimmy Chen’s HTMLGiant posts (especially “Art Balls” and “American Apparent”)

Daniel Bailey’s tumblr journal, New World Poetry, giving the big whatever shrug to the definition of “translation,” just cranking out GREAT poems however they so shall come out (See especially this poem by Cassandra Troyan)

Favorite Book-Length Poem: Vital Pursuits by Evan Glasson

Best Books By Rad People Named Matt: Sermons and Lectures Both Blank And Relentless by Matt Hart, This Is What They Say by M. Bartley Seigel and Cataclysm Baby by Matt Bell

Getting to do interviews with Jamie Iredell, James Tadd Adcox, Nick Sturm/Mike Krutel, Ashley Farmer, and Katy Gunn on my road trip. Read them here.

Screw categories, James Tadd Adcox’s The Map of The System of Human Knowledge was BAM amazing.

Best Novel That Made Me Get Stoked About The Novel Again: Falcons On The Floor by Justin Sirois

“Scatterstate” by Carrie Lorig

Best Book By A Press (Magic Helicopter) I’m Associated With: No, Not Today, by Jordan Stempleman

Please tell me you didn’t miss out on Every Laundromat In The World by Mel Bosworth!

Best Chapbook That’ll Never Let Me Live Down This Man-Crush: What A Tremendous Time We’re Having! and Beautiful Out by Nick Sturm

Each one part ha-ha, two parts stellar writing, NAP brought us three Awesome anthologies this fall: Anthology of Etiquette and Angels with Many Terrifying Heads (which Layne hollered about here), #GOODLitSwerveAutumn (Anthology about Kanye West), and LOG (“Nature Poems About Nature”)

The Vouched ATL one year birthday bash!

The “Emily” video by Peter Davis

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